Facebook Marketplace has become a staple in many people's lives, from great deals, vintage finds to build small businesses. It's a safe place for people to meet up, sell their good and even make new friends. Over the course of 2 years I ran the creative side of the Facebook Marketplace work, helping to define trends, creating content and campaigns across the app and social.

Defining shopping trends

Collaborating closely with the marketplace team we helped to define current shopping trends and art direct imagery to help drive interest and guide consumers to different categories within the app.

A bold approach to the Facebook illustration style

We crafted bold, vibrant, and influential illustrations that found their way into numerous marketing campaigns and social engagements within the FB Marketplace ecosystem, adding an element of excitement and visual impact. As the creative director on several of these projects I directed the illustration team on conceptual ideas and maintained an consistantm vibrant style.

Content creation

Whether for a new feature launch or a holiday guide – we have worked with Marketplace to tell captivating narratives that help showcase the importance of the App. As the creative director I helped concept the article and worked with the writers and illustrators to craft bespoke content for the Marketplace Blog.

Creating Animated Content

For Marketplace we have worked on several different annimatied campaigns and product videos. Whether it was to highlight a new feature or tell a story about trust we made sure to communicate it in a vibrant and effective way. As the creative director I led the concepting, writing and artwork to create cohesive, quick animation moments to captivate and educate users of Marketplace.

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